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16 Jul

Take Action – Inspire Change

Mandala Day

Author: REPL Group

In 2020, the essence of Mandela Day – take action, inspire change, and make every day a Mandela Day.

Nelson Mandela saw himself first and foremost as a servant of South Africa’s people, to whom he felt he owed a duty, and who he led by example. And so on his birthday, 18 July, we acknowledge this by recognising our power to help bring about change for the better. Thus, it is a day for citizens to be called upon to be active within communities to help those in needs by contributing time, effort and service.

In support of Nelson Mandela Day 2020 our REPL Team in South Africa have spent their 67 minutes working hard to collect valuable donations and raise money for 2 local charities.

Our team in Cape Town are donating 67 blankets and 67 cupcakes to Philisa Abafazi Bethu Women Centre, who provide intervention for survivors of Domestic Violence and also offer a child protection program on the Cape Flats of Lavender Hill.

In Johannesburg the team have collected and raised enough to donate 20 blankets and non-perishables to St Laurence’s Children’s Haven who offer abused, neglected and abandoned children love and care in a secure and warm environment.

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