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06 Feb

Upcoming Retail Trends for 2020 and Beyond

A1 Retail Retail Trends

Mike Callender, Executive Chairman for REPL, recently wrote an article for A1 Retail about the upcoming retail trends for 2020 and beyond. Mike discusses AI & RPA, Personalisation and Headless Commerce.

“Artificial intelligence (AI) and RPA are two technology areas that will continue to gather pace in the retail sector this year. This was demonstrated by almost every stand at NRF mentioning AI in their straplines and marketing. However, retailers are only really scratching the surface of what these technologies are capable of, and one thing that became apparent at NRF was that while everyone wants to use this technology, very few people actually know how.”

Mike Callender, Executive Chairman for REPL

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A1 Retail Trends 2020 Article
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